Sorry Not Sorry

Today I saw a video that is called “Not Sorry” part of Pantene’s Shine Strong Campaign. It shows woman apologizing for simple tasks they do daily. For example: opening the door for someone you say “sorry” even though your holding the door. If someone sits down next to you, immediately the response is “sorry”. Until you sit back and look back, you don’t realize how much you say sorry on a daily basis.

These clips of videos are inspiring. I believe that everyone should draw attention to this problem: not just women. Confidence says a lot about a person. It draws you into their life and their story. Everyone is most beautiful with their head held high and a smile on their face.

With social media and common ideas floating around on the internet it is common to have a preconceived notion about an idea that really you don’t believe in. That is why you should question everything you are told. Don’t let someone tell you that you can’t do that. More importantly allow yourself to thrive. Even if its something that you hear on the news; don’t let someone else’s ideas cloud your judgement.

Be the reason that people stop and think. Make yourself known. It doesn’t have to be in a big way that make you the center of attention. Enjoy yourself and your life. Stop saying sorry and start being confident.

G xx


Take Time to Realize

I get really excited when I start a new episode of Grey’s Anatomy because of the inspirational talks that Meredith gives at the beginning and end of each episode. I think I’ve learned more about myself and about life while watching  all 225 episodes than I did at school. (Sorry Mom) I think that everyone craves the truth and well drama as well.

If you think about the countless hours that we spend watching tv, movies, reading books, writing, etc. it all correlates to one simple theory-one that we pay no attention to. At the end of the day, we can’t stand being ourselves anymore and we have to go live in a different world, even if its just for 42 minutes.

I find it so interesting that we can  not handle being ourselves sometimes. When we are bored, upset, distraught, or even happy we want to forget about our own problems and worry about Serena Van Der Woodsen’s life. We are all guilty of this, even me.

While looking into this queer phenomenon I couldn’t help but think what it would be like if we didn’t have these distractions. If we spent a whole day being just ourselves rather than being someone else for a little while. Then I realized, we have to have a break in all areas in our lives even with ourselves.

Why do we sleep? Why do we have to stop running if we feel sick to our stomach? Why can’t we drive for 48 hours straight? Because we  need a break. We need balance, and most of all- we need to breathe. Sit back, relax and let our brains take it in.

By giving yourself time to be someone else we are becoming better versions of ourselves. We are allowing our bodies to file away all the events that took part so far in the day. Because even when you are sitting in bed listening to Meredith Grey give you love advice: take it. Be her and live in the story.

As the days grow longer and the nights get warmer just remember to be happy, relax, and let yourself be. Because “knowing is better than wondering, that waking is better than sleeping, and even the greatest failure, even the worst, beat the hell out of not trying”

G xx



Something To Think About

Today, while reading Marie Claire Magazine, I realized something ironic. In the June issue the subject of anxiety is brought up. It was brought up a lot actually, and that is when I realized how big of an issue it is in our culture.

As I have said before and will say again- being a teenager is not fun. The major reason why is the lack of understanding. From personal experience I know how terrifying it is to live day to day without knowing what will happen.

Everyone is different: they have different friends, different experiences, different failures, different aspirations and dreams yet we are all the same. We are built the same and tend to react the same in situations. In general people have small doses of anxiety- and others have more severe attacks. Formally known as panic attacks.

I find it striking that such a well-known magazine would bring up this topic so casually without addressing its true purpose. The general amount of anxiety of the culture has dramatically increased within the last few years. I believe this has a direct correlation to the lack of independence and control this world has.

Before Facebook and texting you would have to sit face to face with someone to truly understand them.  These days the truth of ones true personality becomes hidden under the surface each and every time they pop up on social media.  Before we realize it- we don’t even know who we are anymore. We just care about what other people want us to be and suddenly that’s who we become.

I know this sounds sad and depressing- but it is true. It is not as extreme as you would think but it is there lurking over your head like a bad perfume. People don’t understand the concept of individuality and therefore stick to similarity. Then when small events happen in their life they don’t know what to do, they can’t handle it. Suddenly small daily tasks turn into monstrous, tormenting battles. The spiral is out of control and then it attacks.  It happens slowly, it happens often, but yet it happens to more people than you think.

In a world where “oh my god, shut up I hate you” and “you’re such a loser” are common phrases that are said without much meaning our cultures confidence is slowly fading. We aren’t respecting each other or ourselves.

We are all in this together- each and every day. If we be ourselves and learn to live with the fact that we can’t control our lives maybe our culture will be more calm and respectful. Anxiety is something than control and by recent events it seems as though we need to address this issue on a bigger stage.

G xx



“Out into the world you go! Here is some advice along your way: Stay out of debt! Keep your expenses low and learn how to live without luxuries so you can have a bigger and more free life, unbound by the fear of the bill collector. Remember that Autonomy Is The God of Woman. Never give your heart or your body to anyone who doesn’t view you as a precious treasure. Never use another person’s heart or body as a way to pass time while you’re waiting for real love to come along. Don’t ever expect somebody else to hand your destiny to you — go out and find it. Follow your curiosity bravely, because ultimately it is your curiosity that will lead you to your passion. Remember that you are not made of sugar candy: You are stronger than you think, more powerful than you could ever imagine. Therefore, stay near people who know that you are strong and stay away from people who fear that you are weak. Character is more important than personality, both in yourself and in your friends. Learn how to be happy alone. Listen more than you speak. (I’m still learning this one!) Don’t worry what anyone is thinking about you; they are only ever thinking about themselves, anyhow. Don’t smoke. Don’t ride motorcycles — especially not in Southeast Asia. Floss. Wear your seatbelt. Don’t drink sugary sodas. Try to be creative for a half an hour a day. Save your money (have I mentioned this?) and give yourself the gift of travel. Don’t get married too young: Statistics show that the happiest women are those who delayed marriage. (In the meantime, if you want to wear a pretty diamond ring, you can always buy one for yourself.) Be interested and you will always be interesting.” – Elizabeth Gilbert 

This advice was shared to me from a friend of mine and written by someone very special: the author of eat pray love! Everything about this is true- yet it is so ironic that it is written my an author of a story so inspirational to me. (Yet another reason to look and appreciate every moment around you because it might end in smiles)

Advice is funny- because in the end no matter how many times you want to tell yourself that those who share it are wrong, they aren’t. When grandparents and parents bring up Ben’s famous saying “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail” we roll our eyes and get upset. But its true. It’s all true. There is a reason why Philosophers have famous quotes, because no matter what they’re right. Part of me wants to go to their tomb stone and write “Congratulations, you were right, old sport.” Although I don’t know how effective that would be. 

I’ve learned just to appreciate advice given- even if it is useless at the time, it will come in handy later in life. It is a crazy time of year- where you suddenly look back and realize everything you thought you were going to get done but somehow slipped out from under you. Don’t worry, don’t panic. Just listen to what your love ones have said- and you’ll be okay.

As the Joker said in The Dark Knight: “If you’re good at something, never do it for free.”

G xx



How To Be the Real You.

Watch this video:

It’s funny that I happened to stumble upon this video today because I was just thinking about this topic. Social Media. It is something that everyone has and everyone craves. The immediate satisfaction and understanding between two people, or more if you choose.

For me, social media is an important aspect to my life. I have learned through social media different tools that help me throughout my daily life. If any of you follow me on Instagram or twitter you know that I do not really care what anyone thinks about me and generally I do not follow many social “rules”.

Sometimes, however, I get so obsessed with seeing how many likes my picture has received or how many people followed me today that I forget to live my life. I came to the realization just over a year ago about how much of my life revolves around technology. To be honest, it is scary!

Being a teenager is hard. You are constantly being judged in every aspect of your life. We forget to just be ourselves. In a world where everything is so immediate, we loose the intimate feel. The most important piece of advice someone gave me when I was struggling with self-image is that no one is really judging you. No one cares how many people text you or how many followers you have- thats irrelevant. Just be yourself and enjoy your life- that is when people really start to look into you. If you are sitting on your phone then people will walk right past you without a second glance.

Be interesting. Be authentic. Be unique. Be you.

G xx



Everyday, whether we want to admit it or not, we struggle with self-love. We often forget to to be ourselves because we are worried about what other people think about us. Before we know it, we don’t recognize ourselves anymore. Sadly, this is normal for high school students. When did it become un-cool to be yourself?

Authenticity is best described as the quality of being authentic. But what does that really mean? My definition for authenticity is the true being of oneself without caring what others think.

The month of May is crazy! It is the last month of school. The sun is beginning to shine after its hibernation, and slowly the layers of winter jackets are slowly peeling off. My challenge for you is to find what makes you unique each and everyday this month. If you can find something fun and authentic each day this month, you will be surprised how much happier you will be.

Now, I invite you to join me on my instagram page: @blissful_wellness and post using #31daysofbeingyou showing me what you think makes you authentic.

You are all beautiful. You are all different. You are all unique. It is hard to remember that sometimes when you are constantly comparing yourself to everyone around you. Be your unique self, because there is no one like you!

G xx


Here’s To Us

I believe in fate and that everything happens for a reason. I believe that we are meant to be wherever we are in life. 

This year had been an emotional one for me. Looking back on my last four years of high school I realize how much of a different person I Am going to leave as compared to the one I came as. 

Maturity is a funny thing. It comes in waves. My mom would always tell me that I’m more mature than other girls and that is why I had trouble finding people whom I can trust. This year I learned the real reason. 

Whenver someone comes up to me and tells me how good I look or how much happier I seem they ask one question: what did you do? There is one simple answer: love your body. Throughout my younger childhood I have always struggled with my self love. I came to the realization that everyone thinks that because I am confident in myself that I am strong, but in reality this couldn’t be more different from the truth. 

There are so many things that I want to share with the world about my road to health and wellness. I guess that is why I made this blog, to create a funnel for my ideas and share my passion. 

Today was my last day of high school. Normally, I would add a nice quote about one journeys, another beginning and why everything good comes to an end. But this isn’t true. Just because you may not physically have the same routine and you may not see your friends everyday doesn’t mean that it’s the end. It is just a see you later. Because no matter what you will have those people and those memories in your heart. 

In the end remember that just because something doesn’t seem right it is wrong. Don’t let yourself think that way. By loving yourself and your body you will be able to see how far you have come and excited about your bright future. If you don’t see why you should do it for yourself, at least do it for me. 

G xx 



“Growing up I learned that there are two theories when it comes to love. First; if you love someone you would do anything to see him or her happy even if it means you’re not going to be with them. Second; if you love someone, you must fight for them and never ever stop fighting. Either way, all that I could conclude was that love requires sacrifices.” 

There is often a preconceived notion that love, of all things, is the most selfish of all the emotions. We use the term love to mean many different things. We love the way the house looks with its fresh coat of paint. We love the brownies that Grandma made for Sally’s Birthday. But, it is hard to say I love you to someone and really mean it.

I apologize if you believed this will be a sappy post about saying I love you to some boy for the first time, because it is far from that. If humans in their nature can associate love, the strongest emotion in the human body, with something that has no true meaning to them, then how do you explain the feeling of overall satisfaction and happiness in one’s life?

There are many things I love: the sound of waves crashing a shore, the smell of a fresh book, the feeling when you master the art of something you have been working on, chocolate, but most of all I love myself. Everyone hears from their parents or loved ones that in order to love someone else you have to love yourself. Today, I am overwhelmed with the amount of false love in the world.

Today for the first time in months I went for a run. After my run I joined my friend and mentor Sarah for a Yin Yoga class. It was amazing to do something for myself. The more that I respected myself today, the less stress I had. You realize that all the little things don’t matter and it is time to live in the now.

There is a world of differences yet some stay the same. What stays the same is self-love and self-appreciation. Learn to love yourself the way you are. The more you love yourself and value your strengths, the easier it is to live out your daily life. So today or tonight before you go to sleep write down on a slip of paper what you love about yourself- it is a hard task believe me; but over time you will see the importance. Your love for yourself will expand your horizons more than you ever know. I love each and everyone of you for being YOU. That is what love is all about. 


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I recently, with the help of my lovely friend/coach Sarah, came to the realization that everything social seems to revolve around food. Every time you are out with friends you go to dinner and eat. Or to the movies and eat. Or to ice cream to meet people and eat. There is really no end in this cycle, so how do you keep a balance?

I do realize that food is a necessity to all human life, but do we really need to spend all the time with each other munching on something? Food is something that is unique in human life because it is shared without every human culture. Every culture has a different meaning to food.

For example, Japanese tradition is based solely on rice. Contrary to what we may think, however, rice is simply used as a palette cleanser between meals. The main backbone for their meals is actually miso soup. Who would have thought? Italians are obviously very well known for their pasta, but what I learned recently, they don’t have a pasta dish with every meal and if they do it is an appetizer, not a full serving. For Mexican food the basis is actually corn and chili peppers. There is a mutual understand that yes, food is important.

Books like “Eat, Pray, Love” show the idea of eating your way through a country. This has brought on a whole new phenomenon. When you visit a country you don’t think about how excited you are to see the different sights,  you are excited for the food. Isn’t there something that could allow going out that does not involve food? How do you stay true to your healthy balance of health and wellness when everything involves food?

It is something to think about for sure, and I have made it a mission to figure out how to incorporate having fun without eating the whole time. It will be a struggle, especially coming from an all girls school where food is constantly in reach, but it will be a good challenge.

This week try to become consciously aware of all the times you eat throughout the day. I am not asking you to stop eating, but if you take a step back you will see how much your life revolves around food.

G xx


Dance In the Rain

Last week I came to the sudden revelation that I need to laugh more. I suffer from a common syndrome of winter blues. Being that is almost April and we haven’t had a good week of sunshine, its bound to make anyone a little sad. Actually its funny because I started writing this last night in the rain and my mood has changed dramatically now that the rain is finally gone.

This weekend came to bit of a surprise to me. The stress right now at school is literally out of control. I can’t even count how many mental breakdowns I have had last week.  There comes a time in every busy activity when you just have to give up and let it be. Whatever happens, happens and we just have to learn to accept that.

We are told when we are younger to take advantage of everything that life has to offer. Instead of waiting for something to come to you, go and get it yourself. You can’t expect to have fun if you don’t go out of your way to allow yourself to enjoy new opportunities.

So on Saturday night when a friend asks if girls from another school could join us at dinner, accept. Make new friends. New experiences. New stories. It’s true that we are all set on this earth to be in human contact, but it is also true that we are meant to explore.

I have found that in times when nothing is going right, that is when everything changes. We learn how to cope with our troubles and suddenly everything goes away. There is a common misconception that everyone needs a lot of friends to survive. However, I believe that we only need the ones who treat you like you.

And as Vivian Green once said: Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about dancing in the rain. Literally dancing and singing and frolicking in the rain.

G xx

Vivian Greene