The other day I read a buzzfeed article that had a list of 20 something things to do before you go to college. The list entailed the normal summer activities that lurk on but never get completed such as: finish a whole book and finish an arts project (preferably for your dorm room.) On that list was a word that is commonly used but I have yet to fully understand: adventure. So my goal for the summer is simply experience adventure wherever I am.

My close friend Alexa is quite good at this. She will seemingly text me the day of a concert and say lets go for an adventure in New York City and end up at a Two Door Cinema Club cocnert. Just now I realized the two clear difference between those who have strong desires to experience the world and those who actually experience adventure is the willingness and freeness to do so.

As I have talked about before and will continue to touch upon confidence is the one key that opens any and every door. As I search for the true meaning of happiness, wellness, confidence, and simple joys in life I have continued to find that confidence is the one factor that everyone is missing. How are you expected to go somewhere you have never been if you don’t have the courage to walk into the unknown. I haven’t been one to make a bucket list but now I realize that I should. It doesn’t have to be extravagant and cost money but it should be different.

Adventure is exciting, new, and fun. Finding people like Alexa who will enjoy those moments with me is just as important as enjoying those moments by myself. I don’t have to make new friends, get new clothes, or do something totally insane. I just have to BE MYSELF and trust that the path will lead to new awareness.

SO, Have a theme party with friends. Drive aimlessly until you find something fun to do. Blast music and sing with your hair blowing in the wind. Take funny pictures. Go to a theme part. Surf a huge wave. Try a new yoga pose.More than anything: enjoy everything that life offers. Be adventurous, be daring, and make memories that you will never forget.

G xx


Sorry Not Sorry

Today I saw a video that is called “Not Sorry” part of Pantene’s Shine Strong Campaign. It shows woman apologizing for simple tasks they do daily. For example: opening the door for someone you say “sorry” even though your holding the door. If someone sits down next to you, immediately the response is “sorry”. Until you sit back and look back, you don’t realize how much you say sorry on a daily basis.

These clips of videos are inspiring. I believe that everyone should draw attention to this problem: not just women. Confidence says a lot about a person. It draws you into their life and their story. Everyone is most beautiful with their head held high and a smile on their face.

With social media and common ideas floating around on the internet it is common to have a preconceived notion about an idea that really you don’t believe in. That is why you should question everything you are told. Don’t let someone tell you that you can’t do that. More importantly allow yourself to thrive. Even if its something that you hear on the news; don’t let someone else’s ideas cloud your judgement.

Be the reason that people stop and think. Make yourself known. It doesn’t have to be in a big way that make you the center of attention. Enjoy yourself and your life. Stop saying sorry and start being confident.

G xx


Take Time to Realize

I get really excited when I start a new episode of Grey’s Anatomy because of the inspirational talks that Meredith gives at the beginning and end of each episode. I think I’ve learned more about myself and about life while watching  all 225 episodes than I did at school. (Sorry Mom) I think that everyone craves the truth and well drama as well.

If you think about the countless hours that we spend watching tv, movies, reading books, writing, etc. it all correlates to one simple theory-one that we pay no attention to. At the end of the day, we can’t stand being ourselves anymore and we have to go live in a different world, even if its just for 42 minutes.

I find it so interesting that we can  not handle being ourselves sometimes. When we are bored, upset, distraught, or even happy we want to forget about our own problems and worry about Serena Van Der Woodsen’s life. We are all guilty of this, even me.

While looking into this queer phenomenon I couldn’t help but think what it would be like if we didn’t have these distractions. If we spent a whole day being just ourselves rather than being someone else for a little while. Then I realized, we have to have a break in all areas in our lives even with ourselves.

Why do we sleep? Why do we have to stop running if we feel sick to our stomach? Why can’t we drive for 48 hours straight? Because we  need a break. We need balance, and most of all- we need to breathe. Sit back, relax and let our brains take it in.

By giving yourself time to be someone else we are becoming better versions of ourselves. We are allowing our bodies to file away all the events that took part so far in the day. Because even when you are sitting in bed listening to Meredith Grey give you love advice: take it. Be her and live in the story.

As the days grow longer and the nights get warmer just remember to be happy, relax, and let yourself be. Because “knowing is better than wondering, that waking is better than sleeping, and even the greatest failure, even the worst, beat the hell out of not trying”

G xx




Normally, I am bad at telling people my feelings. I am the kind of person who kicks herself after a fight when I finally realize what I was really trying to say. I also am aware how truly ironic this sounds coming from someone who posts her feelings on the internet on a somewhat weekly basis- my apologies. But it is a lot for my to write my feelings then say them.

Ever since I was little I would always write my mom or dad little letters thanking them or saying I’m sorry because I just couldn’t say it to their face, and if I did it just wouldn’t sound like I really meant it. It sounds stupid and I guess I should have realized then that I sort of had a problem.

It doesn’t take much to realize that I have a lot of feelings. At the end of the day I am always going to be sensitive. As I’ve matured I found ways to bite my tongue and stay positive but still sometimes the truth hurts. I’ve been called names before and treated terribly but nothing compares to when someone tells you the truth about yourself. That is when your true colors come out because we know the person who told us the truth is right.

When someone tells me the truth about myself I just can’t handle it. I don’t know if I’ve always been this way or if it is something new but all of the sudden it just kind of scares me. I just run away- literally I go to my room and won’t face the littlest issue in my life.  I don’t really know why the truth scares me because it should be easier to know that something is a problem- but still its scary.

I think that it is important to come to terms with the way you feel and the way that topics affect you. Clearly I have some problems to work out- but so does everyone. Wellness is more than just feeling good about yourself- its about understanding. There is no way that I could even look at myself in a mirror if I didn’t understand everything that is underneath my skin- good or bad. That is when I was ready to make a big change in my life- when i finally lifted my cloud of self doubt and worries and understood why I couldn’t make a change earlier.

We are never truly going to 100% change the way that certain topics effect us; old habits die hard. We just have to understand and find ways to make it easier. Somehow, between watching old episodes of 30 Rock, crying over Modern Family, and reading about One Direction (another secret that I swore I wouldn’t share to you all, but since we are in the mood I decided to just go all in) I understood what I needed to change in my life to make me successful.This change isn’t something drastic- all it really takes is staying seated and count to ten before talking back but I am sure its going to make a tremendous difference in my life.

So, if you haven’t said it lately thank everyone who tells you the truth because as hard as it is to hear it, it is ten times harder to say it. And as Zayn always says “Just close your eyes and enjoy the roller coaster that is life” I would also like to add- open your eyes to make sure you don’t run into trees or human beings.

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G xx



“Out into the world you go! Here is some advice along your way: Stay out of debt! Keep your expenses low and learn how to live without luxuries so you can have a bigger and more free life, unbound by the fear of the bill collector. Remember that Autonomy Is The God of Woman. Never give your heart or your body to anyone who doesn’t view you as a precious treasure. Never use another person’s heart or body as a way to pass time while you’re waiting for real love to come along. Don’t ever expect somebody else to hand your destiny to you — go out and find it. Follow your curiosity bravely, because ultimately it is your curiosity that will lead you to your passion. Remember that you are not made of sugar candy: You are stronger than you think, more powerful than you could ever imagine. Therefore, stay near people who know that you are strong and stay away from people who fear that you are weak. Character is more important than personality, both in yourself and in your friends. Learn how to be happy alone. Listen more than you speak. (I’m still learning this one!) Don’t worry what anyone is thinking about you; they are only ever thinking about themselves, anyhow. Don’t smoke. Don’t ride motorcycles — especially not in Southeast Asia. Floss. Wear your seatbelt. Don’t drink sugary sodas. Try to be creative for a half an hour a day. Save your money (have I mentioned this?) and give yourself the gift of travel. Don’t get married too young: Statistics show that the happiest women are those who delayed marriage. (In the meantime, if you want to wear a pretty diamond ring, you can always buy one for yourself.) Be interested and you will always be interesting.” – Elizabeth Gilbert 

This advice was shared to me from a friend of mine and written by someone very special: the author of eat pray love! Everything about this is true- yet it is so ironic that it is written my an author of a story so inspirational to me. (Yet another reason to look and appreciate every moment around you because it might end in smiles)

Advice is funny- because in the end no matter how many times you want to tell yourself that those who share it are wrong, they aren’t. When grandparents and parents bring up Ben’s famous saying “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail” we roll our eyes and get upset. But its true. It’s all true. There is a reason why Philosophers have famous quotes, because no matter what they’re right. Part of me wants to go to their tomb stone and write “Congratulations, you were right, old sport.” Although I don’t know how effective that would be. 

I’ve learned just to appreciate advice given- even if it is useless at the time, it will come in handy later in life. It is a crazy time of year- where you suddenly look back and realize everything you thought you were going to get done but somehow slipped out from under you. Don’t worry, don’t panic. Just listen to what your love ones have said- and you’ll be okay.

As the Joker said in The Dark Knight: “If you’re good at something, never do it for free.”

G xx



How To Be the Real You.

Watch this video:

It’s funny that I happened to stumble upon this video today because I was just thinking about this topic. Social Media. It is something that everyone has and everyone craves. The immediate satisfaction and understanding between two people, or more if you choose.

For me, social media is an important aspect to my life. I have learned through social media different tools that help me throughout my daily life. If any of you follow me on Instagram or twitter you know that I do not really care what anyone thinks about me and generally I do not follow many social “rules”.

Sometimes, however, I get so obsessed with seeing how many likes my picture has received or how many people followed me today that I forget to live my life. I came to the realization just over a year ago about how much of my life revolves around technology. To be honest, it is scary!

Being a teenager is hard. You are constantly being judged in every aspect of your life. We forget to just be ourselves. In a world where everything is so immediate, we loose the intimate feel. The most important piece of advice someone gave me when I was struggling with self-image is that no one is really judging you. No one cares how many people text you or how many followers you have- thats irrelevant. Just be yourself and enjoy your life- that is when people really start to look into you. If you are sitting on your phone then people will walk right past you without a second glance.

Be interesting. Be authentic. Be unique. Be you.

G xx


Here’s To Us

I believe in fate and that everything happens for a reason. I believe that we are meant to be wherever we are in life. 

This year had been an emotional one for me. Looking back on my last four years of high school I realize how much of a different person I Am going to leave as compared to the one I came as. 

Maturity is a funny thing. It comes in waves. My mom would always tell me that I’m more mature than other girls and that is why I had trouble finding people whom I can trust. This year I learned the real reason. 

Whenver someone comes up to me and tells me how good I look or how much happier I seem they ask one question: what did you do? There is one simple answer: love your body. Throughout my younger childhood I have always struggled with my self love. I came to the realization that everyone thinks that because I am confident in myself that I am strong, but in reality this couldn’t be more different from the truth. 

There are so many things that I want to share with the world about my road to health and wellness. I guess that is why I made this blog, to create a funnel for my ideas and share my passion. 

Today was my last day of high school. Normally, I would add a nice quote about one journeys, another beginning and why everything good comes to an end. But this isn’t true. Just because you may not physically have the same routine and you may not see your friends everyday doesn’t mean that it’s the end. It is just a see you later. Because no matter what you will have those people and those memories in your heart. 

In the end remember that just because something doesn’t seem right it is wrong. Don’t let yourself think that way. By loving yourself and your body you will be able to see how far you have come and excited about your bright future. If you don’t see why you should do it for yourself, at least do it for me. 

G xx