“Growing up I learned that there are two theories when it comes to love. First; if you love someone you would do anything to see him or her happy even if it means you’re not going to be with them. Second; if you love someone, you must fight for them and never ever stop fighting. Either way, all that I could conclude was that love requires sacrifices.” 

There is often a preconceived notion that love, of all things, is the most selfish of all the emotions. We use the term love to mean many different things. We love the way the house looks with its fresh coat of paint. We love the brownies that Grandma made for Sally’s Birthday. But, it is hard to say I love you to someone and really mean it.

I apologize if you believed this will be a sappy post about saying I love you to some boy for the first time, because it is far from that. If humans in their nature can associate love, the strongest emotion in the human body, with something that has no true meaning to them, then how do you explain the feeling of overall satisfaction and happiness in one’s life?

There are many things I love: the sound of waves crashing a shore, the smell of a fresh book, the feeling when you master the art of something you have been working on, chocolate, but most of all I love myself. Everyone hears from their parents or loved ones that in order to love someone else you have to love yourself. Today, I am overwhelmed with the amount of false love in the world.

Today for the first time in months I went for a run. After my run I joined my friend and mentor Sarah for a Yin Yoga class. It was amazing to do something for myself. The more that I respected myself today, the less stress I had. You realize that all the little things don’t matter and it is time to live in the now.

There is a world of differences yet some stay the same. What stays the same is self-love and self-appreciation. Learn to love yourself the way you are. The more you love yourself and value your strengths, the easier it is to live out your daily life. So today or tonight before you go to sleep write down on a slip of paper what you love about yourself- it is a hard task believe me; but over time you will see the importance. Your love for yourself will expand your horizons more than you ever know. I love each and everyone of you for being YOU. That is what love is all about. 


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