Passion or Dreams?


There is no contrast between those who have passion, and those who have dreams. You see, there is a significant difference between the two. Society today is brainwashed. They crave something that is false. It’s an allusion. Life is never perfect, in fact those who are believed to be perfect are those who suffer the most.

The concept of fame is untouchable. Or at least it is perceived that way. Their hair is perfect, their clothes are out of magazines, the parties they go to are ones that can only be seen in movies. Yet, this is not true.

People are hired to do their hair. Their clothes are given for them to wear only to be shown on magazines but then they get taken away. The parties that are shown are scripted, not reality.

Being famous is just being noticed. One will stay famous if they do the unexpected, out of the ordinary. But recently all that entails is cheating on someone you love, or being turned into something you aren’t.

What happened to respect? When did this whole obsession begin? How have we, as humans, forgot about the beauties of life?

Stories are supposed to be magical. They’re powerful enough to change lives and the best part is, they are right in front of you. The beauty and the magic all come from the small things in life. Has this been forgotten?

I hope that with my gifts that God has blessed me with, I will be able to distinguish between passions, dreams, and having both without ruining it by the perception of fame.

Anyone can dream about being someone or something, but finding the passion in it and being able to interpret it into something much bigger than a feeling is true beauty. And at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you’re not “famous” and people don’t know your name.

Artist are fragile human beings, but yet they have a label of being fearless. Our ideas are fearless, our minds are fearless, but our actions are not fearless. They are an aggressive  explanation of how we view the world, and what we see.

Think fearless thoughts, be inspired by everything around you, and don’t fall into the trap of reality and believing the allusions that are shown and just maybe lives will be saved, and peace will be found.

Next time you turn on the television and find a reality show, think about this message, because you’ll begin to realize that you’ve been missing out on life all along.


2 thoughts on “Passion or Dreams?

  1. This is post beyond amazing (:

    “They crave something that is false. It’s an allusion. Life is never perfect, in fact those who are believed to be perfect are those who suffer the most.”

    Love this^

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