Fat Sick & Nearly Dead

My friend and coach Sarah told me to watch this movie. At first I thought it was going to be a documentary about weight loss, and it was not. Over the years we are all told that what we are eating is killing us. We don’t necessarily understand the relationship between eating and truly understanding what we are eating. I hope this makes sense.

In the documentary, Joe Cross shows how he lost a significant amount of weight by doing a juice fast for 60 days around America. Everyone who hears the term fast thinks ย it is unhealthy and associates it with starving yourself. This is not the case for Joe. What Joe put in his body was technically four salads, no dressing or add-ins, just the vegetables. He just ate them in liquid form.

After we were shown his weight loss, which is significant, we were thrown for a bigger surprise. Phil Staples weighs 429 pounds. He is a truck driver from Iowa and is on his way to a heart attack caused by obesity. Joe sets him up on a plan. Do a juice fast for ten days and start to add exercise.

The first day of the fast, Joe gives Phil an extra large shirt as a physical representation of his goal during the program. He starts the juice and exercise. His walks went from ten minutes to jogging for thirty. ย Phil began to loose weight and he did not stop there. He became an advocate for juicing and healthy weight loss. The extra-large t-shirt is shown in every shot with him.

Phil’s total weight loss was 202 lbs. That is twelve and a half 16 lb bowling balls. Just think about that for a second.

Weight loss is something that every struggles with, especially ย here in America. Juicing is something that I believe everyone should take part in. All you need is to supplement one meal for a nutritious juice. It really is THAT simple.

Okay, enough of my ranting, but seriously this film is amazing. I recommend everyone to watch it. You may not be like Phil or Joe who needs to loose weight in order to live longer, but you can learn from this project.

Even though I have been juicing for quite a while now, I now have a stronger appreciation for what it does for my body. Happy Juicing!

G xx

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