Passion or Dreams?

There is no contrast between those who have passion, and those who have dreams. You see, there is a significant difference between the two. Society today is brainwashed. They crave something that is false. It’s an allusion. Life is never perfect, in fact those who are believed to be perfect are those who suffer the most.

The concept of fame is untouchable. Or at least it is perceived that way. Their hair is perfect, their clothes are out of magazines, the parties they go to are ones that can only be seen in movies. Yet, this is not true.

People are hired to do their hair. Their clothes are given for them to wear only to be shown on magazines but then they get taken away. The parties that are shown are scripted, not reality.

Being famous is just being noticed. One will stay famous if they do the unexpected, out of the ordinary. But recently all that entails is cheating on someone you love, or being turned into something you aren’t.

What happened to respect? When did this whole obsession begin? How have we, as humans, forgot about the beauties of life?

Stories are supposed to be magical. They’re powerful enough to change lives and the best part is, they are right in front of you. The beauty and the magic all come from the small things in life. Has this been forgotten?

I hope that with my gifts that God has blessed me with, I will be able to distinguish between passions, dreams, and having both without ruining it by the perception of fame.

Anyone can dream about being someone or something, but finding the passion in it and being able to interpret it into something much bigger than a feeling is true beauty. And at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you’re not “famous” and people don’t know your name.

Artist are fragile human beings, but yet they have a label of being fearless. Our ideas are fearless, our minds are fearless, but our actions are not fearless. They are an aggressive  explanation of how we view the world, and what we see.

Think fearless thoughts, be inspired by everything around you, and don’t fall into the trap of reality and believing the allusions that are shown and just maybe lives will be saved, and peace will be found.

Next time you turn on the television and find a reality show, think about this message, because you’ll begin to realize that you’ve been missing out on life all along.




Right now, I am at that stage in life where I don’t have to make any decisions right now as of what I want to do but I have to start thinking about them.

My theory is not too look to far down the road because we don’t know where that road is going to take us. We don’t know the obstacles that may appear or the re-routing that we have no control over. If you think too far you can’t comprehend changing your goal, and if you don’t think at all you are not ready for the possibilities. We just have to embrace it, whatever “it” may be.

I read this passage in a book for class the other day and I thought it was worth sharing: “We are, basically, programmed to believe in something that doesn’t exist, because we are living creatures: we don’t want to suffer. So we spend all our energy persuading ourselves that there are things that are worthwhile and that that is why life has meaning.”

Young Adults are often known for giving their parents a hard time because they are confused with themselves. Although I know those allegations may be true, I have a different outlook. Whatever your body feels at that moment, don’t hide it. If you want to feel happy: be happy. If you want to be sad: be sad. Don’t take it too far and bring your whole day down, but allow yourself to feel those feelings and move on with your life. This will allow you to find meaning in not only others, but yourself.

Life means more then the pictures on Facebook and fake smiles in front of friends. When we spend years pondering the meaning of life, we forget to listen to others opinions and theories, we just want to find it ourselves. There have been many  quotes passed around for centuries. We listen to the Dalai Lama, Aristotle, Gandhi, Benjamin Franklin, even Dr. Suess yet we still don’t comprehend the meaning.

Nikki Reed once said: “Giving meaning to things leads us straight into our peaks of happiness, and our valleys of sorrow. We can’t survive without meaning, simply because it gives us a purpose.”

Everyday we should strive to be our best selves. We should forgive and let go. If you stop and embrace the 60 degree weather, you found meaning. If you watch the ones you love talk about something their passionate about, you found meaning. Even if you are watching tv and watch someone win a gold medal, you found meaning.

Find meaning in the small rather than the big. We often are so caught up in life to appreciate how far we have come. Look forward to the future, remember the past, and above all be yourself, because everyone else is taken.

G xx

Fat Sick & Nearly Dead

My friend and coach Sarah told me to watch this movie. At first I thought it was going to be a documentary about weight loss, and it was not. Over the years we are all told that what we are eating is killing us. We don’t necessarily understand the relationship between eating and truly understanding what we are eating. I hope this makes sense.

In the documentary, Joe Cross shows how he lost a significant amount of weight by doing a juice fast for 60 days around America. Everyone who hears the term fast thinks  it is unhealthy and associates it with starving yourself. This is not the case for Joe. What Joe put in his body was technically four salads, no dressing or add-ins, just the vegetables. He just ate them in liquid form.

After we were shown his weight loss, which is significant, we were thrown for a bigger surprise. Phil Staples weighs 429 pounds. He is a truck driver from Iowa and is on his way to a heart attack caused by obesity. Joe sets him up on a plan. Do a juice fast for ten days and start to add exercise.

The first day of the fast, Joe gives Phil an extra large shirt as a physical representation of his goal during the program. He starts the juice and exercise. His walks went from ten minutes to jogging for thirty.  Phil began to loose weight and he did not stop there. He became an advocate for juicing and healthy weight loss. The extra-large t-shirt is shown in every shot with him.

Phil’s total weight loss was 202 lbs. That is twelve and a half 16 lb bowling balls. Just think about that for a second.

Weight loss is something that every struggles with, especially  here in America. Juicing is something that I believe everyone should take part in. All you need is to supplement one meal for a nutritious juice. It really is THAT simple.

Okay, enough of my ranting, but seriously this film is amazing. I recommend everyone to watch it. You may not be like Phil or Joe who needs to loose weight in order to live longer, but you can learn from this project.

Even though I have been juicing for quite a while now, I now have a stronger appreciation for what it does for my body. Happy Juicing!

G xx


Compliments are funny. Society has built up some sort of immune system to them. We are told that when someone compliments you we should return the favor. If someone compliments them on your dress, you compliment their shoes or hair, and so on. Why don’t we just say “thank you”. This topic was brought up in one of my ethics classes last year. And every time someone compliments me, I genuinely look them in the eye and thank them. 

Yesterday I got probably one of the best compliments in my entire life. My old babysitter who still comes over to help my mom out told me that I look slim and that I have been working hard to be healthy. For anyone who knows her, she does not give out compliments easily. Many times she will be the only one who tells me that a dress is too small or my face looks a bit puffier since we have last seen each other. 

For most people this compliment would not mean much, but for me it meant the world. You have to be able to see compliments in every conversation. Don’t be afraid of them and take them to heart because they don’t come along often. 

G xx 

What Healthy Means To Me

According to Merriam-Webster: healthy (‘hel-thé): having good health;showing good health; good for your health (I didn’t make this up)

I think that there is a lot more to it than that. A lot of people strive to be heathy. But what even IS healthy? I believe that health comes in many different forms. 

For me, healthy is more than just looking good; it is feeling good. Knowing that the foods that you put in your body are going to help you get through the day and respecting your decisions with health and wellness. I’ve heard the saying “you are what you eat” a lot in the past, but it didn’t really make sense until this year. 

In order to be healthy you have to understand the way different types of food effects you and how it digests in your body. This takes time. Healthy is more than just eating, it is also emotional. 

Like every girl, I have a lot of emotions. And what most girls do not realize, emotions lead to over eating. Chocolate, ice cream, even just chips are something that my conscious self would not grab. Yet, I find myself eating these delicious TREATS when I am upset. 

Health and wellness is a journey. To be healthy you have to be happy. You have to work with self love and respect. If you can not love your own body why would you expect anyone else to? 

Of course, there are days when you do not feel well. You may go out to eat with friends and wonder why you are avoiding eating the delicious cheesecake from the cheesecake factory or even getting something fried at a fair. Sure, everything is good in moderation and balance but if you are only with people who do not respect their bodies, it will be a struggle to stay centered. 

Motivate and surround yourself with people who genuinely care about the wellness track that you are on. It takes four weeks for you to see your body changing. It takes eight weeks for friends and family. It takes nine weeks for the rest of the world. Keep on pushing. 

Love your healthy and happy self everyday. You are beautiful. 

G xx 

‘The Biggest Loser’ Goes Too Far


Shocked and saddened by this show..

Originally posted on Health & Family:

Twitter exploded after the finale of The Biggest Loser last night when the winner of the show revealed what many consider to be a t00-thin frame.

Rachel Frederickson, 24, began the show at 260 pounds. Last night she weighed in at 105 pounds, setting a show record by losing 60 percent of her body weight. Frederickson is 5’4″, which means her height-weight ratio puts her slightly below the threshold doctors would consider “healthy” according to the BMI scale. The World Health Organization dictates that anyone under an 18.5 BMI is considered underweight, and the fashion industries in IsraelMadrid  and Milan have banned models under an 18.5 BMI from walking the runway. Frederickson’s BMI is 18.0.

But even without that information, it’s easy to see that Frederickson looks unhealthy. The show’s trainers, Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels didn’t hide their shock well last night when Frederickson took the…

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Just One of Those Days

Today was a good day. Not really for any particular reason, more just because I am happy. I didn’t have to go to school today. I was able to sleep in for the first time ever (literally). I had time to do what I wanted to do. And I relaxed. 

Actually, I am having a hard time writing this post because nothing out of the ordinary happened. I kind of feel like I am letting myself down by saying this, but it’s true. 

I didn’t allow myself to be affected by other peoples behavior. Every morning I get a notification from an app called “Transform Your Life” Today’s quote is: You are fooled by your mind into believing there is tomorrow, so you may waste today. My assignment is: Today, consider what you would do, how you would be, if this were your last day. 

I think that is where I found my happiness today. A lot of things could have gone wrong, I could have exploded after I spent 20 minutes getting snow off my car, yet I didn’t. You have to allow yourself to be happy. And after a while, I think I finally have. 

I can finally say, with confidence, that I am Just Being Grace! :) 

G xx