Whenever you go through something that is inexplicable you learn a lot about yourself. However, you also learn about the people around you. There is no handbook to anything in life. No screw that needs to be put into place or light that needs to be plugged in, it just happens. It took me a […]

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Lessons From Youth

When I was thirteen years old I wrote a paragraph and posted it on my bulletin board. I don’t look at it as often as I should, but every time I do it hits home. In this passage I said: …but that’s when I realized you can’t always be the strongest one. Because it’s not […]

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Ode To Fantasy

Today I realized the difference between my generation and the generations before mine. We grow up too fast. Evidence of this is apparent everywhere we turn. Today, with television shows centering on teenage girls and young adults we are falsely presenting the fashion of how viewers should act. It doesn’t take too long to find […]

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The Opposite of Loneliness

Whenever I go into a big city I always feel invincible, as if I can do anything in the world. It’s funny because it’s just a place; nothing specifically makes it different than where I live. There are still cars, people, shops, and food yet everything is just completely dissimilar. My favorite place in the […]

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Let Your Bright Light Shine

One afternoon, after a tough goodbye I opened my suitcase in my dorm and found a necklace that had a sun with a half mood inside, titled “Let Your Bright Light Shine”. On the instructions it told me: Make a wish and put on your necklace and like the sun and the moon, you make […]

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While prolonging my procrastination, I stumbled upon an undistinguished speech Frank Underwood gave during an episode of House of Cards. He was at a loss of words trying to explain his time at the naval academy he attended. He realized the only true word that can be used is harmony. Elaborating on that thought he […]

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There are times when you have to hold up your hands to the sky, close your eyes, and believe in something bigger than yourself. It is simply the only way that you can put one foot in front of another in order to get something done. Over the weekend I was given the opportunity to […]

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